Nostalgische Postkarte vom Brauhaus in MurauLiteral award of the city counsel Peregrin Neukam, in 1811.

House number 16, (today, Hotel zum Brauhaus Nr. 17)
Since ancient times the house enjoyed wine, beer, and brandy privileges.
Thought to be a bar and restaurant since the year 1200 but actually documented in 1739 by Johann Babtista Würthenstätter.

Among the many owners, were Bader, Wagner and writers such as Hammerherren, and judges and royals such as  Lichtensteiner.
They also found a letter from the King of Hungary  Matthias Corvinus to Nikolaus of Liechtenstein, dated 1475, in which the latter is asked to obtain the support of Friedrich III.

In 1965 the brewery became a co-operative.

In 1994 the house was rebuilt and became a hotel.